After many years of knowledge and experience in cars trading business industry which helped to create a new business model ,Al- Said Group decide to establish a car dealership business that sells new or used cars at the wholesale and retail levels, based on a dealership contract with an automaker or its sales subsidiary .

AL-Said Group established their hub for cars wholesale and retail business on 2012 in Emirates having the showroom and storage facilities in Ducamz area full with various brands of used and new vehicle.

Since establishing, we work to bring the public a genuine wholesale and retail priced vehicle with no compromise ,which enable us to build our clients confidence our client as the professional dealership you can trust.

We offers a comfortable atmosphere were you can browse freely without getting pressured, take your time, look around, drive a couple of models & get genuine advice when purchasing, too many dealerships just want a sale, want your buying experience to be exciting & enjoyable & help you to find the car that really suits your needs.